Monday, August 29, 2005
More pictures you won't find in the MSM
I know some people will not like these photos, more that you will never find in the MSM. The children of Iraq have a future free from Saddam Hussein. The smiles are returning to the childrens faces. We will have many friends for life in this country. The children will remember the red, white and blue.
What young boy wouldn't like to high five a soldier. The older men are smiling broadly. They probably remember Husseins Republican Guard. There was no smiling when they owned the streets of Iraq.
What do you take with you into battle. These men know what is important.
Our soldiers are the best in the world, but they ask for help not of this world.
This is a patrol of Iraqi soldiers in Iraq. They will be very good soldiers, because they were taught soldiering by the best in the world.
Yes, many of the worlds finest have fallen, but there have been NO MIA's, No unrecovered wounded or killed. Teamwork, Training and Guts. I'm proud, are you?


Blogger Mark said...

I am proud of most soldiers. They do an honest tough job the best way they can. I know.

What I'm not proud of are the stay at home glory-mongers who "celebrate" the soldiers deeds without questioning why the sodier is there in the first place. I get very angry when I see soldiers being used in such a dishonest fashion - and don't think for one minute that soldiers don't know the difference between a ligitimate use of force and what is happening in Iraq at the moment. You insult the very soldiers you claim to support when you don't give the full truth.

As I've said previously, you can prove your Patriotism by demanding that those who have sent troops into mortal danger, should tell the truth. Mind you, they've been telling you lies for so long, they may not even know the truth when they see it!

Blogger American Soldier said...

I just returned from Iraq and I am very proud of what we are doing. It doesn't matter why we are there, we are finally doing the job that we should have done YEARS ago! Saddam bluffed his people, the surrounding countries, and us...We called him on his bluff and now we are making things right!

Blogger Jay said...

er....Saddam has been out of the picture for quite some time. How long have you been back, you say?

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