Monday, August 01, 2005
A Little Experiment
After spending 3 days without TV, INTERNET, RADIO or NEWSPAPER, I feel that a political rant would be out of place, for my first blog entry upon returning. I don't want to ruin this enjoyable state of mind I now have, but if I've gotta, I've gotta. Here is something I need some help on.

I am posting a little thought that turned into a big thought as I pondered it in my new found peace of mind. Here is what I want to know of you. Read this blog entry and let me know if I should go back to ranting and raving about politics and other things I can not do anything about, or create prose like I now share. Thanks for taking the time to assist me.

Pleasures, Passions and Other Talk that No One Wants to Hear About from Me. OR, Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

You are still going to finish reading this.

I am no longer a very passionate person,
Yet I consider myself to be compassionate.
The reason is not all that hard to understand;
I spent one life’s worth of passion,
Before I was old enough to vote.
I still have flashbacks to my youthful passion,
But passion for the most part is stopped cold,
Before it gets out of control, or in control.
For the most part is the key to this thought, because,
I still have a few demons dancing with my karma.
Passion is not given out in equal measure,
And sometimes passion and compassion,
Do not find common ground to work upon.
In fact, they rarely work together.
When an overly passionate person falls in love,
With a compassionate person,
Failure is almost always the result.
Perhaps a compassionate person wishes only to give,
Not wishing to receive a return measure.
Why would a person so compassionate,
Refuse to be compassionate to ones own self?
Could this be why there are occasions,
When I take a mental whip to my thoughts,
Just to rein in my passionate desire?
When I have set a goal, and fail,
Defeat is not that unbearable.
For even in defeat the goal is still there,
Unchanged by my desire.
The goal is still in the same condition; unobtainable.
A person denied an equal measure of passion,
To the passion they spend is still not poor.
And the person denied passion for passion,
Who turns to hatred or retribution,
Is too poor to be helpful to others.
It is the one striving that fails, not the sought after.
The goal is never tarnished by the failure to obtain.
I learned this lesson over a 40 year span of time,
So maybe now I can put it to some good use.
Yes it was best to have not tarnished the goal,
I sought so desperately, by obtaining it.
Sounds like a good plan, but I know myself.


Blogger Jay said...

How about both?

Your prose is the good and interesting stuff that everybody likes; but sometimes ya just got to get an opinion off your chest. I would say concentrate on the writing with an occassional political rant thrown in just to stir things up a bit. Don't make the mistake of so many bloggers of being a one pony show.

Blogger Sparkling said...

Mix'n'match, deffinately!

Blogger Last Girl On Earth said...

The beauty of blogging is that there are no rules. (Don't you just love it!) This was quite a good post, and I've just read a few more and I'd say you've got a great blog here!

Thanks so much for stopping by a few days ago. I was very flattered by your compliments. In answer to your question... Last I checked, there was only ONE of me! (My husband is very happy about that fact... he couldn't handle more than one LAST GIRL!)

Anyhow, thanks again. Come on by if you get a second. I've posted my latest "creation". My Second All Request Movie Extravaganza. Come check it out! I'll be by again soon.


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