Wednesday, August 03, 2005
The Black Plague
I don't like spiders or snakes either!

I am going to share some personal writings with all of you now, and draw my own conclusions. Yes I will be drawing the conclusions. I guess it is all right to draw conclusions about your own words. In this instance the words are in the form of a song I wrote 32 years ago. Wow, that long ago?
At the time I was a bohemian turned hippie turned greenie and nearly turned anarchist, living in California. If you read this song of mine, and compare the emotions behind the song, with what you think you know about me now, you are bound to make wrong assumptions.
In the 32 years since writing this song, I have not abandoned any emotion this song brings to mind. Well that is not entirely right, I do not doubt the existence of God anymore. Maybe that fact alone has helped me along my sojourn upon Earth.
But you are a neocon! I can almost hear you saying this.
Let me be clear about this, I am a conservative, because I believe with all my heart that the problems I bring up in this song of 30 years ago, cannot be solved by the liberals as we know them today.
I could write long on this subject, but I will only relate one thing.
I practice good stewardship of the earth. I can take you on a drive by the 10 leading liberals of this city, and point out to you that their lawns are beautifully manicured, and green even now in the midst of a drought. Their sprinkling systems use more water in one day, then I will use all year. Sniff....sniff...sniff Yes you can smell the chemicals they use to kill weeds, and insects. Good Stewards? Not. Just a lot of rhetoric and little action.
Now visit my small city lot. I use no chemicals to kill insects or weeds in my yard. None! I also use my showers greywater in my garden. A pump takes it out to my garden. I have several varieties of marsh plants that need a lot of water, so they love my shower water. No jokes about bath water please. In the remaining space of my garden I have 30 or more different herbs growing that attract beneficial insects by the thousands. I have honey bees and many other kinds of pollen loving insects by the thousands. Many liberals have never seen a honeybee anywhere near their palatial estates. The bees are smarter than Dan Rather.
I don’t like spiders or snakes, but they are here also.
What I am trying to share is simply this……there is a lot of misinformation about conservatives, but I don’t care, I am what I am.

Now for the song.

The Black Plague

Verse One:
Orphans of war knock on my door,
Begging “Sing a song for our cause”
Neglected lands of the universe,
Begging “Pollute us no more”
Up steps a man whose skin is black,
Asking “Is my face that hard too look at?”
My vote the politician buys,
Then he tries to tell me I’m too high.

Lately I’ve been confused,
As to why now we’ve misused?
This our world and its populace.
Did God really create us?
Or did we just fantasize him,
So we could continue in our sin?
And go on dreamin’ of a heaven somewhere,
Neglecting our beautiful world down here.

Verse Two:
The tax collector tells me “Pay up.”
Today or go to jail!
Fourteen different ministers,
Say, walk this way or go to hell.
In my own simple way,
I walk upon this earth,
Hoping for some better days,
Taking life for what it’s worth.

Chorus here

Verse Three
This is the saddest dream I’ve ever had,
It’s screaming but I can’t awake.
It’s all too real, kinda makes me sad,
Is it all an unfortunate mistake?
Can the wrongs be corrected?
Can a good man be elected?
Can social wrongs, be rejected?
Will this world remain so infected?

Chorus here

Verse Four
We lay claim to the moon and outer space,
A prize for our egotistical brains.
If we’re allowed to leave this place,
I wonder who would want the remains?
Dirty water, over burdened soil,
Beer cans thrown everywhere.
Buffalo’s gone, broken glass,
Everything to breathe but good air.

Chorus and out………..
Copyright 1973


Blogger Jay said...

I don't think you know liberals...only about you've been told what liberals those who see liberals as enemies.

It's a common mistake. We do the same about conservatives too.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Perhaps I should coin some new word to use to describe who I now call liberal. If JFK was a liberal, give me more liberals. If Harry Truman was a liberal I want more liberals in Washington D.C.

I refer to the loudest voices of the Democratic Party (and yes there are many Republican liberals)the Kennedys, Bidens , Schumers and H. Clintons. H. Clinton is doing her best to hide her liberalism, so that tells me even she knows liberalism is not what America wants, needs or will tolerate. Not when we are at war. When the war against Terror is finished, maybe then we could tolerate a liberal in power, but that may be awhile.
I will attempt to come up with a new word to describe these "blame America first, tax 'em 'til it hurts, jealous of success politicans." It may be awhile, but I know I am wrong when I paint with such a broad brush.
Maybe I will start using the words,"far left wing", it would be only fair.

Blogger Jay said...

Oh...haven't you heard? We are not to call it a war anymore, it's a "struggle".

Blogger web_loafer said...

Struggle it is yet more. It is the right war fought the right way. Killers are making their way to Iraq, and to be honest, we don't seem to know how to stop them. I was hoping this would be different from other wars and we would fight. We are on the defense, have been for 2 years now. I am getting a little put off with the lame leadership of this war. I have almost decided, good intentions don't win war in 2005. President Bush is leading this war, exactly like I feared Kerry would fight it.
These are harsh words, but I never thought 20 Marines could fall on a battle field and we do nothing. I would be bombing a twenty mile radius from where our brave men fell,to make sure we killed the killers, civilians be damned. They aren't helping us, they should be treated like enemy too.
I am mad, I like Bush as a man, but I don't think America is ready to win any war. We are too soft on the enemy.
I have paid my share of taxes to help build up the best armed forces in the world, and they are being hamstrung.
A disgrace.....a real disgrace.
I don't care who is president now, or later, we are in trouble in America because we let our enemy take his time to strike us, and try to respond. These same people are the ones who are defending us at home. Geez...I feel safe.

These are harsh words, but it is a disgrace to let go unpunished the murder of our youth. I want to point out that we are not capable of closing a border between Iraq and Syria, Iraq and Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, so what makes you think, our borders are safe. We are gonna get hit big time.
The government agencies....INS....etc. are not capable of protecting the border, our armed forces are being slaughtered without revenge. And they don't seem to be able to close a border either. We supply them with the best equipement in the world, and they can't get the job done.

Dark Days ahead for us, I'm afraid.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I am so disturbed I made a big mistake in the last comment....

It should read....this is the right war, being fought the WRONG WAY.

Blogger booklover9191 said...'s a question...THE question for me really.

WHY do you think this administration has been so "soft" on the enemy?

AND I AGREE with that. However, perhaps we define the enemy differently in some ways.

But WHY? WHY wouldn't our leaders do EVERYTHING to complete the mission and move the hell on?

Web, the words in your song are exactly (almost) how I feel RIGHT NOW TODAY. I almost burst into tears at the cash register today as a customer talked of the marines killed. What a much human waste.

Anyway...What kinds of things could motivate our leaders to behave so irresponsibly? Please, think before you react to that statement.

THINK about it...more.

Blogger web_loafer said...

booklover, I have thought about your question, I have no answer. This is the 21st century and the world is full of guns, tanks, missles, bombs, chemicals, and hate. I don't hate my enemies, I just want them dead, so I can live.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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