Sunday, August 14, 2005
Air America sinks to new lows

I must share a sad laugh with you now. I am sure some of you have heard how Air America Radio has been caught diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars that was granted by the federal government to be used in activites for the children of welfare parents; using it to pay some of the bills of Air America Radio. Al Frankin and company are sweethearts aren't they? I do not think there are many Democrats who would condone this behaviour and crime. But it has been done. Tar and feathers anyone?



It does look for all the world that the good folks at Air America have gotten themselves in a bit of a sticky wicket.

It doesn't surprise me. All my early years of living in the welfare system taught me that that's the way the liberal world turns.

I'm trying to figure out where your comment went or which post you made the comment on. I can't find it.

Your new digs are interesting, but to be honest with you I thought you did as well as the pros when you started.

Blogger cube said...

The liberals will find a way to justify this. They're already saying they were hoodwinked into making the questionable "loan". If this was done by a conservative talk radio person, it would be all over the media.

Blogger Jay said...

Gee....Air America wasn't associated with that. Besides, as a gesture, they fully compensated them MONTHS ago.

This is old news. Anything to divert from the BILLIONS in your taxes being stolen by Bush Co.

Blogger Ken Grandlund said...

From what I've heard, these unscrupulous accounting activities were carried out by one of the (or "the") original founders of Air America, and he not only jilted some kids organization that he was a chair of, but also left the foundling broadcast effort high and dry too. I think he's dropped out of sight.

But as Jay says, Air America has been reimbursing the organization, which coincidentally is under receivership because of this and other financial problems, so the paybacks are actually going into an escrow account.

Seems more like another crooked CEO type and the folks down stream are left to clean the mess and face the heat.

His behavior is attrocious, but to blame the rest is akin to saying the huys working in the Tyco factories are to blame for the excesses and crimes of thier CEO.

Jay's other good point is this: where is the outrage over horrendous wasteful government spending?

Blogger web_loafer said...

You know something Ken, I read your comment and your reasoning is without fault as far as I can tell.
But Al seems to have been front and center in the whole Air America thing, and his caustic mouth has not helped him with rational people.
I challenge you to find ONE mean, nasty, perverted thing President Bush has said in the last 5 years. I get mad at him sometimes for being so nice. But that is him and Al is Al.
He may be innocent of embezzelment, but he still is a liar who hates the good of America.

Blogger Jay said...

Trouble is...when Bush lies, troops die.

My faith in the people of this country has not waned, in spite of what you read above. I believe that patriotism will ultimately prevail, whether we get to hear from patriots in the left-wing media or not. Too many people have their own experience with our country's history to let the verbal detractors lead us into the Hell they seem to want to create--solely, and I heartily believe this, so they can blame something, anything, bad on our current President. Is this not the face and action of evil? Today's liberals are their own brand of homicide/suicide bombers. They will take themselves and the rest of us who love democracy down with them if we let them. Thank you web_loafer for your inspirational blog! I love your collage.

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