Friday, July 15, 2005
"We have a winner"
“I’m going to win a blog design from
Digitally Essential!”

haiku by web_loafer

When I win this haiku contest, my blog will be
totally redesigned by Digitally Essential
My thanks to Jenny and Leslie


Blogger Storm Trooper said...

Did you know that I took my dog for a walk, watch him do his business, picked it up, and then smeared it on the handle of a newpaper box? I didn't like the newpaper (tabloid style) but I feel guilty...
Should I?

Blogger Helen said...

Great entry. Good luck. However, Knappster is quite certain he is going to win!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks for your moral may be
celebrating a little too soon.
I slaved for hours over a hot computer
to haiku.
Do you haiku?

Blogger GreekGoddess said...

that is a mighty good haiku!!! LOVE IT !!!

Thanks for participating and GOOD LUCK!!!

Blogger Mrs. Flinger said...

As a Mac girl, you KNOW I love this. :-)

Good luck to you!

Blogger booklover9191 said...

Good luck to you! Boy am I TIRED right now...LOL! Same 'ol same 'ol! LOL~!

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