Monday, July 04, 2005
Reply to Scooter
A Letter to Sanity’s Bluff
And replies to the letters in red fonts

There are a lot of holes in that post. First off, Africa was invited to the party as there was a concert held in Johannesburg. The face of Africa, Nelson Mandela was there. Also Bob Geldolf brought a woman to the stage that was given 10 minutes to live 20 years ago and thanks to money raised by Live Aid, the young woman is now in college in Ethiopia. I dare you to watch this moment and not cry like a little girl. But apparently help did get to Africa.

Crying helps greatly doesn’t it? Like the new trend in the USA Senate, of crying when you don’t get your way every time. The Oprahization of America and the world. Spare me the crocodile tears. Nelson Mandela? Part of the problem or solution? I have my views. What about the former Mrs. Mandela, was she invited to the stage. And at the concert in Johannesburg, How many were present for any reason other than hoping to get some food?

Secondly, yes Africa is worse off then they were 20 years ago, but this due to years of civil war that make it hard to import humanitarian aid. Read Black Hawk Down to see exactly how hard this can be. Also high tariffs hurt the local economy on the continent.

Here I totally agree with you with only one caveat, How is it possible for churches to get so much to the people who need it in Africa? Here is a clue….It takes a lot of planning, and the rare commodity of SWEAT.

And how exactly do you know that Bob Geldolf is “much richer” now than he was twenty years? Geldolf runs a non-profit organization and I can’t imagine that the residuals from his Boomtown Rats days to really bring in too much money these days. As for the other artist, I haven’t even heard from must of them since Live Aid except for episodes of Where Are They Now, and let me tell you, none are “much richer than they were back then. Now if you wrote that without knowing the facts, you are no better than Dan Rather.

Dan Ratherbias, is/was a reporter of the news. I am a blogger who openly states that this is an opinion blog. Who’s opinion? Let me say it again….MY OPINION. When I can keep the Comment Section open, I will. You can post till your fingers hurt, and I will read and consider your opinion.

Thirdly, it is very wrong to pigeonhole the people involved as liberals. I am a conservative, and I support their case. If you have seen the commercial for The One Campaign, you would also see Pat Robertson along side Brad Pitt and Bono in the ad. It doesn’t get more conservative that Pat Roberson. Bill Gates was at the event and nothing says corporate domination like the dude who runs Microsoft. They also brought in such “red state” acts as Tim McGraw and Keith Urban. So to call these people (including myself) liberals is just plain ignorant, not to mention the “liberals” are already one step ahead of you on recruiting “conservatives” to their cause. Instead of suggesting that the liberal recruit conservative, have you ever thought maybe about joining the liberals on this issue like me and many other conservatives already have?

Again Sanity’s Bluff is an opinion blog. Yes I should join the liberals, like President Bush joined Ted Kennedy on the Education Bill, and not 2 days after being a guest at the White House, Kennedy was spewing out more hated for President Bush. No, I think the Conservatives have tried this route.

Fourthly, when you wrote, “aging rock stars, hungry for one more spotlight, and an assortment of dogooders” is doing a diservice to many of the acts that showed up. Members Pink Floyd have not taked for about thrirty years let alone performed together over that time. They did not get back together for big payday/reunion tour. They didn’t even get back together for “one more spotlight” when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They got back together, as Rodger Waters said, because it was the right thing to do. Kanye West, at the risk of being sued, played the Live 8 even though he had an apperence in New Orleans on the same day.

My hat is off to Pink Floyd.

Fifthly, saying, “more money was spend (Scooter’s note: actually I think spent is the correct tense, not that I’m a English teacher or anything, but anyways) pampering the millionaire musicians and their friends, than the total given by the 160 'artists’ participating in the L8 concerts, but they demanded charity from everyone else” is a diservice to everyone who donated their time to help make sure the consert ran properly. Also they did not demand charity from anyone as all the tickets to all the event were free.

Look at you now Scooter, your post is full of errors that I wouldn’t dare catalogue and point out, just to prove I am educated. Read your own reply.

Also you should suggest that Africa should turn to faith based charity. To take a page out of your ignorant page book: I got two words for you – James Baker. So how does it feel to be pigeonholed? I really doubt that a faith based charity will be able to raise enough money to settle the billions of dollars they are indebted with. And they defiantly cannot end the civil wars and economic turmoil that plagues the continent. The only people that can do anything substantial to help are the politicians. That is what Bob Geldolf and the people of his ilk learn from Live Aid and that is why Live 8 focused on encouraging those who can actually make a difference to do so.

I stand by every statement in that paragraph. Oh but you are wrong here. God is the answer to all the misery in Africa. I don’t expect you to understand that. I stand by my observations, suggestions and reply simply…..Faith Based Charity will help more than anything else in Africa.

In the end, Bob Geldolf and his ilk can go to sleep knowing they tried to help the continent of Africa. It may not be much, but at least it was something, which is at least better than just sitting at a computer and complaining about people who actually try to help. So what I would like to do now is to invite you and the people of your ilk to hop over to my website and click on The One banner and join myself (and like I mentioned ealier, even conservitives including Pat Robertson) to encourage the G8 to end poverty in Africa because liberals cannot do it on they own and neither can conservatives, everybody needs to help off. (Unless you don’t care that a child dies every three seconds because of poverty, then in that cause, just ignore this whole comment.)

Forgiving debt that will never be repaid in the first place is stupid. Keep it on the books and remember when the same crooked leaders of the African nations come begging for more, simply ask. “What did you do with the last loan?” At the same time try to help the real needy. I am involved in such work, not for the spotlight, but because I want to help. If the liberals of America have learned suddenly how to forgive anything, it is invisible to me. Most of them are still seething over political loses of 5 years ago. I am not the one who needs a reality transplant. The media will help you prove your point, but there again the media can’t help the hungry.

Note from Scooter: As of 1:00 EST, Sanity's Bluff has put his comments back, so you can leave your thoughts about his post over there, but please, don't be a comment terrorist, or as I like to refer to them, idiots.


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