Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Let's talk about Sanity's Bluff.
Sanity's Bluff is a place for politics and humor; well at least I think some of the stuff is funny. But there is a side to John, (that's me) that you may not know. On this page in the sidebar is a link titled "my internet help blog". I would like for you to visit there and meet the serious helpful side of John. Liberals, NeoCons, Greenies, Libetarians, or Anarchists are all welcome to the helpful information there. It is in a simple format, the blog will never win a "Battle of the Blogs" but if you go there and spend the time necessary to read the last two entries there, you will benefit. Just give it a try. There will be more rants, raves and humor here, but today is help day. It would give me tremendous pleasure to be able to help you in some small way. Isn't that what life should really be about. Life is too short to fuss and fight all the time. The civilized world today is in turmoil, I really can't do much about that. Enjoy any time you spend at my other blog. Thanks, John.


Blogger Orikinla Osinachi. said...

With all my kisses and roses for all hearts and souls of humanity.

Thanks for the appreciation.

I saw your new blog.

Blogging is schooling for me.
The more blogs I see the more I learn in the long run.

God bless you and madam.

Blogger web_loafer said...

It is my honest desire to make friends with the friendly,
Make love with the lovers
Take time to enjoy those that enjoy
Laugh with those who can see humor
Cry with those that cry
And hope and pray, something I do along lifes journey
Helps someone else.

thanks for your interest

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