Saturday, July 23, 2005
It Was A Good Dream
……and then it was as if America lost the will to fight for other people to obtain freedom. They realized Iraq was a quagmire and pulled their troops out of Iraq.

It was nothing like the dishonorable withdrawal from Vietnam many decades ago, this was a new way of withdrawing. The President went on TV and told America and the world. “The world has been clamoring for us to leave Iraq, today we are doing just that."
While our nation slept, our air force dropped Atomic Bombs on the capitols of Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and Lebanon. Our troops are leaving the area as we speak, in a controlled withdrawal. The winds are blowing the fallout away from our troops. We have sunk every oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, after allowing the crews to escape. We left unharmed the three tankers on route to Great Britain and America. We completely destroyed the Air Force of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, but we left the Iraqi Air force 20 of our best fighter jets, so they will be the only ones with any air power in the area besides Israel.
We have promised the young Palestinian Nation our support, and any help they need to expell any terrorists who remain there.
We have transferred 100 atomic bombs to Israel, and 100 to India, along with several atomic submarines for each of these friendly nations. We don’t expect much trouble from the terrorists, we dropped enough bombs on their strongholds to keep them busy for awhile. Our troops will be restationed on our Northern and Southern borders. I have issued this executive order. Any person found in the United States illegally from this day hence will work in a forced labor camp until they have made enough profit for our country to buy them a ticket to the country of their choice.
We are poised for any attack, and will respond in kind. One warning to the citizens of the world. If you live in a country that has threatened or took part in any terrorist attacks on the USA or our allies, please move away from any military target in your country. Thank you, now any questions…How about you Helen Thomas?"


Blogger AubreyJ said...

Good God-- don't ask Helen NOTHING!!!
She'll kill you by making you laugh yourself to death....

Blogger web_loafer said... there really a face under all those wrinkles? She looks like a lemon sucker turned journalist. Whoops, shouldn't hand out the word journalist so loosely. Anyway she is good for a laugh or two. I always watch her on the radio, it is less frightening.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

I don't know who the hell Helen is...but you seem to at least be able to get some grasp on reality here......LOL.

Keep thinking web...I do admire you for your thinking!


Blogger web_loafer said...

Mary, I was talking of Helen Thomas the elderly journalist, (using that word loosely) who is the butt of many jokes. Her questions are so unworthy of being ask of the President, but she is in the White House Press Corps.
She asks questions like this.
Mr. President, even though you kick your dog and hang cats, what do you think of PETA?
She is senile, cranky, and stupid.
I'm taking notes for when I get in that condition. LOL

Blogger booklover9191 said...

I will have to look her up...she sounds like a comedian she serious? Can't be...LOLOL.'re already there in some ways...(JUST KIDDING!)

Blogger booklover9191 said...

you know...cranky? (crackin' myself up here).

Blogger web_loafer said...

If you ever watch a presidential press conference you will quickly see who I refer to. I believe she is a columnist and reporter (lol) with the Washington Post. A real nasty woman with any Republican President. She acted the same way to another war time president, A. Lincoln.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

Wow...she's got staying power. Gotta give her THAT! LOL.

Blogger Pikkel Weezel said...

Kick ass post!

Blogger Yeshwant Bafna said...

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Blogger Vulture 6 said...

Drop a nuke on helen thomas...

Blogger booklover9191 said... childish...LOL. Drop a nuke?

Blogger David Schantz said...

Great job. I wanted to let you (everyone) know I have posted my Question Of The Week, I hope you will stop by to answer it.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Blogger MrV said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

Hey MrV...I am so sorry....LOLOL...oh MY! Good job, was awful!

Blogger booklover9191 said...

oh..damn...I thought you removed it....eek.

Blogger Jay said...

hmmmm....a dream of nuclear genocide on a global scale.

Tell me again why we are fighting against terrorists?

Blogger web_loafer said...

We are fighting to stay alive. If it means our way or theirs way....I want our way to win. Is there something wrong about wanting to stay alive. To stay alive when a whole percentage of the world wants you dead, requires action. You and you friends don't want us to fight, we will, and we will win. I suppose Bin Ladens threats of 3 million Americans killed on one day with nuclear bombs is more to your enjoyment? Which dream would you wish to come true? You know I don't wish nuclear war, but if it must be so, I want us winning by preemption. Having your head in the sand would not help you if a nuclear war starts here first.

Blogger Jay said...

That's akin to setting your house on fire to get rid of mice. If we become terrorists by the nuclear execution of billions across the planet....what the hell is the point?

Blogger web_loafer said...

So we should wait until they nuke us?
I know all of this is difficult, and really I wish no one had to even ponder such a scenerio, It was not us who started this all out world war, and someone is going to win it. I want it to be us.
Again it was not the Christians of the world who took up arms against the muslims this time, but we have to fight, unless you are not upset about the possibility of a prayer rug five times a day. I would be dead if they take over America as they plan, I won't bow to their idols. Not now, not ever. Would you bow to Mecca, to save your life Jay?

Blogger Jay said...

Have they nuked us? Do we have to wipe out billions to kill a hundred or so?

Let's use our armed forces. Go in, wipe out the criminals, kick ass, take names.

But if we go with the idea of killing whole populations of people because of their religion then, by god, we are no better than the nuts that want to kill us because of ours.

And then they've won this war.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

Hey Jay,
That is exactly right. If we allow them to turn US into THEM...they win. They have changed our mission and identity forever.

We must WIN the war...but be steadfast in knowing WHO we are and WHAT we stand for.

Mass murder, even during war, is NOT what America has every sanctioned...well, at least in spirit.


Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, It always has puzzled me to think that God allowed humans to progress? to a point that they could kill each other on such a wide scale as we could today. We can't put the thermonuclear genie back in the bottle. The debate over whether Truman and Oppenheimer were heroes or villians is pointless, and Harry Truman is one of my favorite presidents. What a burden he had to shoulder. Anyway I hope the two small atomic bombs we used to end WWII were the last that are used in war, but it doesn't look that way.

I wish there would be a complete verifiable disarming, but that will not happen either. North Korea, China, Pakistan, India, France, Russia, England and Israel are a few of the nations that have the bomb. Scarey isn't it. Actually we (USA) have been good stewards of the technology, but we couldn't keep it from the world.

If that horrible day of nuclear madness comes, the world will be forever changed.

I wrote the little article to both show the folly of nuclear war, and to display the only attitude that will bring victory to the USA and the western world in this battle with terrorism. I am afraid that the USA will wait to be nuked and then it will be impossible to know who to punish for the mass murder. When you realize the hatred that the muslim nations have for us, you start to realize we need warriors in Iraq, close to where the evil will come from.

Well I am rambling again.

Blogger booklover9191 said...


sorry...did I do something wrong?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Booklover9191, of course you did nothing wrong. Not recently (LOL).
Seriously, I am glad you are visiting Sanitys Bluff. Old friends are precious and worth the trouble to keep (I am sure John is not the easiest person to hang with). I know we agree on few things LM, but we draw our strenght from those that disagree, not those that agree.
From those we disagree with, we can gather resolve in our own view, or we can learn that we were wrong about something.
If I was surrounded by yes people, who agreed with me about everything, well, I think I would go bonkers. OK, more bonkers.

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