Saturday, July 09, 2005
He should have paid closer attention

Young Ahbuhr was pressured by his parents to become a martyr for Allah.
He finally gave into their wishes. His parents would be well paid, the mullahs told him, for his sacrifice.
His parents helped him into his explosive belt and sent him on his way to kill as many infidels as he could. Ahbuhr searched the streets until he found a pizza shop where over thirty boys and girls were having a birthday celebration. "I am on my way to paradise and the 72 virgins" he thought as he set the explosives off.

At the entrance to paradise, there were no young beautiful girls to meet him, he was perplexed…..instead there was a single man walking toward him with an extended hand. He quite clearly had something in his hand and wanted to give it to Ahbuhr. Ahbuhr let the man drop the contents of his hand into his, and could not believe what the old man had given him….

He stood there dumbfounded, looking at the handful of raisins.

The man broke the silence, and said, "Well there they are”

"What do you mean?" Ahbuhr inquired.

"The raisins…."

"Huh"….Ahbuhr was perplexed.

"The 72 raisins."

"But what about the virgins…………?"

"You know lad, you really should have had your hearing checked before you killed yourself……You were promised 72 raisins, not 72 virgins."

yes I chuckled too when this came to me


Blogger Shakeel Tariq said...

I guess its a little bit more aggressive.. its like joking on one's religious beliefs. record my protest on this post.

Blogger web_loafer said...

To a few people what you say could be true, and I apoligize if I offended you. But up until the punch line, everything I said is known to be true by most people.
But, having said that, a little humor, does no harm. It is not vicious like the tales told in the schools of Saudia Arabia to the young Muslims, about Christians. We drink blood of Young boys, try that on. We rape young girls. I have collected some cartoons I found on the web, cartoons from a supposedly peaceful people depicting me...a Christian doing things no rational person should believe, but I'm sure many do. It takes a powerful lie to talk a teenager into killing for the simple reason that I am an infidel.
If you want I will send you the links to some of the cartoons and drawings of me by the Muslim artists, and scholars, all of them published for the world to see.
I wish the world was not in turmoil, Myself I could live in peace with all, but the muslim world apparently doesn't want to. I would never teach my child that someone is inferior to me just because they believe differently than I do, never, ever.
Another part of the amusing story I made up is this.
Other people forced the child to act so unnaturally. I don't think you would disagree that talking a teenager into killing himself just to kill infidels is wrong, and unnatural. Young people should be allowed to enjoy youth, there will be plenty of time to tackle the serious problems WE ALL FACE TODAY.
And like I have been told many times, won't you lighten up a little.
Thank you for commenting, and peace to you. But if you hate Christians and want to kill all of us, You will get no peace from me. I imagine because of your politeness you are a rational man, so think about what I have shared.

Blogger web_loafer said...

shakeel, There was no link to your blog and your profile is not available. There is no way to converse with you. If you come here again to gather more information on infidels for that great day you wish for....
Read this, I would ask you "is this natural?"

On the occasion of "Martyrs Day," Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV recently broadcast statements from the mothers of several martyrs, including an interview with Umm Said ("Mother of Said"). The mothers expressed pride and joy for the actions of their sons. The show was translated by MEMRI's TV Monitor Project; to view a segment from the show, visit: For more MEMRI TV clips from Al-Manar, visit The following are excerpts: [1]
Umm Said: 'This is a Blessed Day, the Day My Son Gave Me Reason to Hold my Head High'
Interviewer: "In addition to your being the mother of a martyr, it so happened that your son said was martyred on this very day - 'Martyr's Day.' Let's begin with a few words from you to all our viewers today. What are the feelings and emotions of a martyr's mother every year on this day?"
Umm Said: "In the name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful, Allah be praised for granting my son to me, on this blessed day. I can not begin to explain what this day means to me, how great and significant it is for me and for all martyrs' mothers. I am talking about the martyrs' mothers and all mothers in Lebanon. Whatever I could say about them would not be enough, especially since they paid the price in blood, liberated southern Lebanon, and brought us closer to victory. They granted us a great reward.
"It is enough that they granted us paradise, the greatest thing in this world. I wish a good year to all the martyrs' mothers and our children, may Allah honor them. Allah be praised for having granted us our sons. Allah be praised."
Interviewer: "Do you feel that as a martyr's mother you have a special status that is different from that of mothers who don't have martyred sons?"
Umm Said: "Definitely, Definitely…"
Interviewer: "How do you cope with this?"
Umm Said: "If I'm in the company of others, I can sense the respect and the pride. They say, 'She's a martyr's mother.' What does this name mean? For me, it's very meaningful. I walk about with my head high. Allah be praised, Allah be praised, every hour and every minute."
Interviewer: "Can you tell us how martyrs are commemorated among their families, brothers, and relatives? What do they leave behind? When martyrs are gone – is that it? Do they stop to exist, even in if only in thought and spirit? Or is it the opposite and they are felt even more?"
Umm Said: "On the contrary, their presence is even greater and their memory is engraved upon our hearts. We sat down to feast in the month of Ramadan – may we all have a good year. When we sit down to feast in Ramadan, I gaze upon his picture like this. Everyone thinks that I'm about to recite the blessing of 'In the name of Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate,' so as to begin the meal that breaks the fast. I look at him and say, 'I wish my day had come before yours, Allah bless you. I wish you could be here with us.' That's how I talk to him when I sit down to eat."
Interviewer: "What do his brothers, children, and others say to you? Allah willing, you will always be a model of steadfastness and patience."
Umm Said: "Allah be praised. On the contrary, I am very happy, especially on this occasion."
Interviewer: "… Of course, the reward of Umm Said and of all martyrs' mothers is not in vain. The patience, the strength to bear the pain and the example we draw from them. Not only locally, this is an experience that is now shared by all societies. We always say – as you mentioned earlier – that Allah will give you strength and patience. I would like you to close on an optimistic note."
Umm Said: "Allah be praised, I am very happy. On the contrary, I am crying out of happiness. This is a blessed day, the day my son gave me reason to hold my head high..."
Mothers of Other Martyrs Praise Their Sons' Acts
Martyr's mother #2: "We cherish the memory of the martyrs' blood. I'm proud of my son's martyrdom."
Martyr's mother #3: "I am prepared to sacrifice my life. All I want is martyrdom. I'm willing for all my children to become martyrs. May my husband also become a martyr, and Allah willing, may I die as a martyr."
Martyr's mother #4: "Compared to others, what I sacrificed is nothing. It's true I sacrificed a son, but others have sacrificed two or three. I hope more of my sons will become martyrs."
Martyr's mother #5: "Allah be praised. I thank Allah for all the good He has bestowed upon us. He has blessed us with martyrdom. Allah willing, we too will be martyred, just as they did."

Blogger web_loafer said...

As expected when I posted this, there have been very few comments. Only one terrorist checking in to let us know they are on the internet.
I posted this to see if you had what it takes to win the war.
You don't have what it takes, that is kept quiet. And you failed.
Someone is going to win this war of or for terrorism.
You and your chicken hearted, scaredy cat, politically correct, liberal, afraid, don't involve me, later, I don't want to get involved, it will pass, I like those baby killers additude is making it harder to win this war.
So I may have offended the radical Muslims.
I don't worry about that, because I know they will not win this war.
You aren't helping
and your silence
is strange
You can find your voice when
G.W.Bush makes a mistake.
Let me explain one thing
Everyone makes mistakes
Talking to you is like talking to a wall, you know all about walls.
Up against the wall
Vietnam War Wall
If you won't help us defeat Terrorism, Don't get in the way, chicken.
Yellow bellied Commie Punk, afraid of the Islamafacists.....or are you in bed with them?

Blogger Gloria Cook said...

This was a great blog and I enjoyed reading this passage.

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