Friday, July 08, 2005
God Save the Queen / America Mourns with YOU.

Standing with our friends across the pond,
Grieving with you, praying for you.


Blogger angel said...

Isn't it all just awful? I feel so bad for London. I wish the terrorists would have kept the buisness between the US and themselves.

Blogger Hannah said...

The messages of support coming from round the world are hugely, hugely appreciated. Thank you all so much.

Blogger web_loafer said...

It is obvious you hate your country, to speak like you did. Keep the business between the US and themselves. I suppose you would want the US to fight them somewhere besides the Carolinas? No you are probably an air head liberal who believes America is to blame for the poor terrorists hatred. I have some news for you, angel, if the Islamafacist's take over the US, you will be way up there on their list. The idea that a female is in control of her body in a Muslim society is absurd. Your liberal viesw are every bit as wrong in the terrorist's eyes, as the views of a Christian Conservative,in fact; You would probably be higher up on the list for the chopping block. You better evaluate your hatred for the country that you live so large in, if it goes.YOU DO TOO.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

We stand by our friends in need as they stood by us during ours. God bless the great country of England.

Blogger Zack Brown said...

Please visit The Big Red Blog : A Political Road Sign Transcending State and Party Lines.

Blogger jes said...

To our British Friends and Allies,

I am simply in awe of the courage our British friends have shown during the terror attack. My condolences to all the families who have lost loved ones.
I pray for a quick recovery for the ones who were injured. For the rest of you Brits and Americans...Its time to go kick some butt.

Blogger John said...

Amen! This is a spiritual war we are fighting against pure evil. Prayer is a powerful weapon in this war that too often gets underestimated.
Great blog you have here.

Blogger Eric said...

angel: I agree with everything but that last sentence. You've forgotten Spain and the rest of the al Quada attacks.

Web Loafer: that's a little harsh there, bro. I love my country too but , seriously, step away from the assault weapons and take a deep breath. The worst you have to fear from Angel is that she is a voter. Cheers otherwise!

And to London: We are with you now as we have been with you since shortly after we decided we were not part of you anymore. We are both cut from the same strong cloth.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Eric, OK, I've put the assault weapon down....I'll throw it in the Missouri river. Then what.....if people insist on calling out America as if we did something that we should be punished for, excuse me I want to live, I want my children and grandchildren to live free and unafraid. Someone has to fight this war, if you don't see that, I see no point in our conversation. If you can see someone has to beat these animals.....where should the battle be fought????
I am sure that our ally Great Britain will be beside us as we hunt these dogs down and get rid of 'em.
There are an awful lot of cowards, and weak willed in America, but our warriors are fighting for them too, it's just they get no respect from them....
Here is a post I just posted to someone from Scotland on an entirely different subject.

Just accidently surfed here, you are talented. I just like complimenting blog designers once in awhile, just because they are good. I don't care about your political views or religious views, YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS ARE MASTERFUL,
Pssst....can i get a discount for a rendition of Sanity's Bluff.
Your take on that place...would be great.
I hope every single person in Europe, and especially England, realizes most people in the USA are shedding tears along with you. We are getting good at tears in America...3,000+ civilians in one day died.....millions of almost 2,000 soldiers are dead and many millions of tears have been shed over those caskets.
We are pretty good at crying in America, lean on us, if you will, we'll all see this out.

Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

if anybody of you find a list of the victims' names pls inform me.. i think a friend of mine is missing.

and i believe an act of terrorism is an act of cowardice. and found a list of the terroristic acts that have spun across the globe for a decade..

Blogger jes said...

atomic- skynews has them in picture/name....take a look and see if you can find your friend...

Terrorism in not new and Bush did not create it. They are just using the war on terror as an excuse for murdering the innocent.

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