Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I simply must share a blogsite most of you will enjoy. I am going to put the link here with the text you are reading, and also on the side, where 99.94% of links rest. Rest, as in never being used. Poor lonesome links on the side of blog pages. I feel the pain. I will also try to add a button to my blog, I said I'll try.

The Complimenting Commenter


Blogger Lady Mary said...

I don't love this blog although I did find it amusing. If you want compliments....only.....ban all of us who would challenge you and cherish the rest. Doesn't make you any more RIGHT on things...just more like a ostrich with your head in the sand. Don't go out that way, web. Eh well, you can if you wanna...LOL! But you'll be sorry in the long run.
Lady Mary

Anonymous James said...

she aint much of a lady humble
but she has never been much of a lady ever.
She tried the same crap wit me too.

u can delete this iffn u want to. i jus thin its harsh she is tryin to ruin ur thoughts. I am enjoyin a lot of them. dont always agree as i am a littl more liberal an a canuck lol...but u r well writen (way more than me) an ur honest

James aka demondoggie

Anonymous Anonymous said...

looney mary's comments mean nothing. She's a nutcase. Best just to ignore her.

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