Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Tuesday will be Special at Sanity's Bluff
As the original webloafer, you might imagine me to be a geek who spends 16 hours a day surfing the ‘net’. If that is the image you have of me, you are entirely wrong.
Perhaps in the near future I will take the time to tell you a little bit about webloafer. One thing you should be told though is this......I really don’t spend much time loafing!
The internet to me is a library that is always open, a place to meet people in the safety and privacy of my home, and a place to scour for tools to enjoy life.
As a bonus to the readers of my blog, both of you, LOL, I plan to devote one post a week to sharing. Sharing jewels I have gleamed from the internet.
I will be sharing sources that I find unique in someway, and are available to everyone on the internet.

It may be a freeware program that is worthy of your consideration. It may be a source of information that is valuable, but hard to find.
I plan to devote my blog every Tuesday to things that I feel will interest you, and help you with your blogging.

To start this project I want to introduce you to Irfanview.
Irfanview is my favorite graphic program, and I have used it for over 5 years. There is a shortcut to Irfanview on my desktop, and it is probably the second most clicked icon on my desktop. Of course my shortcut to the internet is the most accessed link on my desktop, but Irfan is a close second.

Want to place some text in a jpg file? Most graphic programs have a way to add text to pictures, but it is a complicated and confusing process. I sometimes think simple tasks are made complex by these programs, just to make you think they are worth the hundreds of dollars they ask for the software.

OK bloggers, if you ever need or want to add text to a picture for your blog, Your friend webloafer will save you time and money.

Download the latest irfanviewer and in about five minutes you can be adding text to any .jpg on your computer.
Download the program, for such a powerful graphic viewer it is a very small file to download. It has only a few help files but it is easy to use without any help files. But if you must, there are hundreds of help files online written by people all over the world that use this wonderful software.
There are also hundreds of plugins to other software, and a host of information available online.

Here in six steps is how to add text to any image on your computer.
Here we go,

Step One.
Open Irfanview.

Have your computer’s path to the picture you want to add text to.
If it isn’t a .jpg file, no sweat, open it in irfan and save it as a jpg.

Step Two.
is logical……click file…..then click open……

Step Three.
find the path to the picture in the browse window, and click on it. The picture will open in Irfanviewer.

Step Four.
Left click and create a text box with your mouse. This is done by holding the button down while moving the mouse pointer to the width then moving down the picture to the depth you want for the textbox. Release mouse button, and you should have a textbox outlined.

Step Five.
Click edit and select the option “insert text into selection”

Step Six.
Use the “Add overlay to image” function box. From this

Box you can choose any font on your computer, choose the font size and color, and several other options.

That was easy wasn’t it? One thing to remember, once you add the text, you cannot edit it. But if it is not what you want, the process is sooooo simple to redo.

Sometime soon, I will explain how to stitch pictures together for your blog. This really comes in handy, making your blog more attractive.
If you like irfanview, Please tell others, but direct them to Sanity’s Bluff to read this blog entry first. Happy Blogging My Friends.

Second Week of Tuesday Information Days.
How to Bypass Compulsory Web Registration

If you and I sat down and listed our top 10 pet peeves about the internet, many of them would be identical. There are some things that annoy me to no end while I surf the internet.

One near the top of my list, would be, websites that ask me to register before I can access them. These sites used to bug me, but they don’t any more.

A website has been around awhile that makes it easy to access those sites that want to snoop for information about you, YES YOU CAN VISIT THEM ALL WITHOUT REGISTERING.

I imagine 75% of surfers give false information anyway, so why would websites like N Y Times need to know anything about me when I want to see a story they posted. I know you have had this happen: You are reading a article on the internet that quotes a source and there is a link to see where the information came from. You click on the link, wanting to read the source, and you are met with a refusal to let you read the article because you are not registered.

These same websites are loaded with advertisements, so they are cheating their advertising clients, and annoying everyone.

The website is http://www.bugmenot.com

You don’t have to download anything to use this site.


It is simple to use. When one of those annoying registration pages pops up….simply copy the url, and paste it into the bugmenot.com page. ShaZammm…you are logged on as someone who decided to share their gateway with you. Poetic Justice…..and easy. Try it, you’ll like it.

The winners when someone uses BugMeNot, are the advertisers and those that bypassed the snoopy websites demand for information. The losers are, well there are no losers, the snoopy sites get more traffic, and can brag about it, of course they have not collected any information that they didn’t need in the first place.


Anonymous lyjonchagall said...

Why didn't I know about this before I spent all that money on Photoshop? I downloaded the viewer and will agree with you, as to the usefulness of this graphic viewer. I may use it to work on an image quickly. My graphic software takes longer to open, than it did for me to use this little viewer and add some text to a .jpg.

A very interesting post and link. Thanks for the heads up. Nice job and I can't wait for other helpful sites and links.

Blogger Mona said...

Excellent tips...thank you so much. Look, 3 comments = more than 2 readers ;)

Blogger Lady Mary said...

maybe mona, maybe not...lol.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool progrim Humble :)
from James
from EN

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