Monday, June 13, 2005
Someone knows something about this!

At first I thought it was a sign placed in my neighborhood by PETA.
Then I looked a little more carefully.
I am really upset about this billboard.
Yesterday as I drove by the sign, a squirrel decided to play chicken with my 18 wheeler.
I was paying too much attention to the cute little squirrel on the billboard.
And I have to tell you, I didn't even know I had pancaked the little furry rodent, until I saw the squirrel pancake on the highway behind me in my mirror.
Some speed bump! I never felt a thing. Made a big pancake though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to have an obsession with squirrels. You are fascinated with them when they get squashed, yet you think you are super squirrel? Why didn't you save the poor squirrel super squirrel?

Blogger Morris said...

Awesome! Post more pics when you find them.

Ask Morris

Blogger Clublint said...

I read something very funny about ninja squirrels once. There's the link but you should like it.

Sorry to hear about your pancake.


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