Saturday, June 18, 2005
Intercepted emails to Senator Richard Durbin
I have intercepted a few emails that were sent to the Honorable Senator Dickey Durbin, of Illinois. You know, the one who likened American treatment of terrorists, to the treatment of innocent Jews in Germany by Hitler, and innocent Christians in the Soviet Gulags.

Dear Richard,
Thanks for the kind words you said about the Soviet Gulags. To equate them to that small internment center at Gitmo, Cuba, is a stroke of genius.

Your enduring friend
Vladimir V. Putin
Want to email V. V. Putin?

Dick, Dick Dick…..I feel slighted that you did not equate Gitmo to my efforts in Iraq.
But, thanks for the tickets to the Cubs game, I passed them on to a friend.
Keep up the good work.
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Dear Infidel Durbin,
LOL, had to call you one Senator, although you are one of my favorite infidels. We’ll make sure you are not on the A list when we take over the USofA.
Thanks for the shipment of California Dates. Dates are rather scarce here at Camp Cave. Even the goats are looking good.......LOL....LMAO.
Omar brings me the printouts of all the e-mail’s you send me. Someday soon I hope to have internet use again.
Stay in touch,
Your friend
Osama bin Laden

I understand it is getting a little uncomfortable in D.C. or Illinois for you. Remember my dear friend,You are always welcome here in my little fiefdom. Next time the taxpayers send you on a junket, Make sure Libya is on your list of nations to visit. There will be an air-conditioned tent available to you, and some young dancing girls.
Moammar Gadhafi
Dear Dickie,
You owe me a few; I have had to run interference for you because of your latest actions. I needed to apply a little weight to get a few hesitant convention subscribers to remain committed to Chicago for their conventions.
I think a widening of the road to my house: if somehow it was included in the federal interstate road budget, should square us on this matter.
Mayor Richard Daley
Remember you can email me anytime

Dear Honorable Senator,
Hey Dickie,
Don’t sweat it. We’ll supply you with any legal advice you need, and represent you if the cowardly Republicans grow a spine…LOL…not a chance,…they’ll never do that.
Nadine Strossen
President ACLU

Senator Durbin,
With all the uproar you have caused with your talk of Nazi’s etc., I may have to help ‘monitor’ your next election bid. We’ll pool our resources but you’ll have to let me know how big of margin you want to win by.
Jimmy Carter

Dickie Baby,
I am sure it was inadvertent that you left my torture chambers off of your list. No problem, but just remember who loves you baby…..enough to send you boxes upon boxes of cigars, that no one on the other side of the aisle gets. Remember how to vote on Senate Bill 4502.
Your bud,
Fidel Castro


Anonymous Eliwasa said...

You are the nut in the squirrels stomach. Some of those links were live, some fake. OK, you made me chuckle. Keep up the humor.

Blogger Lady Mary said...

His humor is wonderful, isn't it?!

He excels there!!!!

Blogger Lady Mary said...

It's just his politics that suck...LOLOL! (grinning)


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