Thursday, June 16, 2005
I am so mad...forgive me for ranting....
I apoligize.....I am really too mad to make much sense tonight, but I have to say a few words.
An open letter to the most exalted Senator durbin of Illinois.
Oh I am unworthy to approach royalty such as you.
Long live the thieves of Congress. The Senators.
Hey scumbag durbin, You are; Un-American at the least, A traitor for sure, and I am sick of weasels like you being sent to the Senate, and then have you compare the people who protect American, to Killers, Rapists and Torturers.
America wake up…… Let’s vote them all out……The chicken hearted Republicans too, IF they won’t stand up and call this traitor to America out on his behavior. His actions of yesterday, in his speech were Un-American, Treasonous, and MOST IMPORTANTLY …….LIES…..
You durbin, gave comfort to our enemies. Yes, you a United States Senator, giving a speech that called the fighting men and women of America, as bad as Nazis, KGB, Communists, Mass Murderers, and worse.
Did this scumbag from Illinois receive a payment from Al Jezeera?????…..or whatever that HATE AMERICA BROADCASTING NETWORK, IS CALLED. I may have misspelled it, but........
Do you Mr. durbin have a clue?…….Most of our fighting men and women would love to spend a few days with amenities that the KILLERS have at Gitmo. They would consider it R and R, to spend sometime at a place like Gitmo.

Air Conditioning, 3 squares, a Bible, and a bed.
You are defaming the thousands of our brave soldiers who even now are sweating in the deserts of the Middle East, putting in long 16, 17 or 18 hours days, in danger, Never knowing if they will be the next one to meet a bullet, fired in anger, fired because OF YOU, THE SCUMBAG FROM ILLINOIS, YOU, durbin empower the enemy by your lies, lies and more lies. Lies about our brave soldiers They don’t always have daily showers available, and they get eaten up by sand fleas. There are no airconditioners in their tents. They dodge bullets, bombs and mad dogs, just to protect your sorry ass. Oh need I remind everyone that you were IN FAVOR OF REMOVING CHAPLINS FROM OUR MILITARY. YES, because of you and your friends in the ACLU, Christian Chaplins are being phased out of the Armed Forces. You would fight any efforts to supply Bibles to our Christian soldiers. Taxpayers can't supply Bibles for our soldiers, but you have no problem with the taxpayers supplying Korans, for the Killers of Islam. You have enriched yourself beyond what whole squadrons of our finest will make while on tour. Yes, you rake in the millions of legal and illegal money available to all Lord Exalted Senators, Millions, while the men and women protecting your living large lifestyle, sweat it out in the deserts of Iraq, for a few dollars less than the basic bills they have.
I don’t expect you to apologize, and even if you did, it would not be accepted, AT LEAST NOT BY WEBLOAFER.
Your hatred for America has won you a special place in my mind…….I won’t forget.
You should be ashamed, but I know you aren’t, you’re too busy ripping off the taxpayers and giving speeches about how our sons and daughters are as bad as.......
Pol Pot.
You should be tried for sedition. If the limp wristed boys and girls of the Senate won’t take you down…….maybe the good citizen’s of Illinois will.
You are the top scum of the scum bucket.


Blogger Jay said...

Want to know something that is really bad.....sending over 1700 brave troops to their deaths based upon a lie. That's almost as loathsome as defending it because....well...because you belong to a party and you are suppose to, or be called a traitor.

Blogger web_loafer said...

JFK and LBJ sent 60,000 of our troops to their death in Vietnam because of LIES.
FDR send tens of thousands to their death in Europe and the Pacific. Less people were killed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor then on 9/11. Why was it right for him to send all our millions of troops off to fight in countries that didn't start the war? I would call anyone a traitor that talked like durbin did.

Blogger Lady Mary said...

There have been LOTS of wrongs in the American way....I am glad you can acknowledge that. This war in Iraq is just ANOTHER one. know that I believe we do more RIGHT than WRONG....but that doesn't mean I have to support the wrongs.

The war in Iraq is WRONG...and I am NOT a traitor to my country. I am a critic of a poor president.

Blogger Lady Mary said...

You know webloafer...after the whole situation with Terri Schiavo, you had a change of heart about the death penalty. What you are failing to recognize here is that GWB, the former governor of Texas where the death penalty is imposed more than ANYWHERE else in the country, has sentenced countless people to needless premature deaths in this war. Why? He doesn't CARE! He just needs to be RIGHT~! And he will go to any length to do it....just like his supporters will go to any length to silence those who oppose his methods. I know you don't do that for the most part. You do tolerate, even though you hate, dissenting opinions. I respect for that.

But God...take a second LOOK!

Lady Mary

Blogger web_loafer said...

"countless premature deaths" in 3,000 plus dead civilians in a few hours one fall morning of 2001.
You may be blinded to the truth, I am not. I am preparing. Almost half of our nations citizens are dumb as lambs being led to Islamic Death here in America. Those of the Blame America First Crowd, (which you are now, always have been and will always be of) Better not ask me to help them save their necks from the Islamafacists....I won't lift a finger for the enemies of my country.

Blogger Lady Mary said...

you are hopeless web...too many have died...for the rotten cause....

Blogger web_loafer said...

I'll try one more time....

What if we stopped fighting the War on Terror, like you democrats wish.

Then what?????

How many dead Americans would it take before you said
"Too Many are dying in America?"

Do you remember or even care about the thousands of dead Americans. Remember the pictures of the citizens......not soldiers...jumping from the 100th floor of the burning WTC?
See that is something you won't address.
You are compfortable in your ignorance of what is going on in the world.
Again.......don't come and ask for want peace.....have it.
War is not for the faint of heart, and yet all benifit when victory comes....even the cowards.

Blogger Brad Todd said...


Don't let the radicals fringe bother you..You are exactly right... Durbin should be tried for sedition and aiding and abetting the enemy..

These bone heads have no clue! They think this is some sort of a popularity contest, a big game to make everyone like us...most of us realized in the 7th grade or before , that's not possible. Our enemy the terrorists, are playing for keeps, there will be no rematch..

They refuse to play nice and will not stop fighting the war they started, until we are all Muslim or dead.

Only a fool can't understand the simple truth of it..

You keep up the good work and don't let the idiots get you down..

God Bless America

Blogger Lady Mary said...

Hey Web,
Would you like an autographed copy of Tommy Frank's book, American Soldier? He's coming to the store on 6/22 and I would be glad to get one for you. I'll even stand in the line (no I won't have too...LOL) so don't tell me I'm not your friend.


Anonymous parated2k said...

Apparently Loaf, you've attracted a few braindead bloggers who think Guantanimo Bay is a prison camp for EPWs.

The Traitor Durban didn't earn that title for speaking out against the war. That is his right, and if he really feels that way, his responsibility.

However, a when a Senator is speaking on the senate floor, he is not speaking for himself, he is speaking for his state. So, in a very real sense, the Traitor Durbin accused all my fellow soldiers of attempted genocide and mass murder.

He is an anal pinworm. Nothing more. His rhetoric is beneath a member of the Senate... or even a member of the human race.

Anonymous parated2k said...

and to Jay & Lady Mary...

50 Million people are being given the hope of freedom. Please examine your own freedom and think about what it took to secure that freedom for you.

Then ask yourself why Iraqis and Afghans deserve freedom any less.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Lady Mary,
If people with differing political views cannot be friends, our country is doomed.
What I worry about more is those that seem to find more comfort with the jihadist, mullahs and the ones that saw heads off of civilians, then they find in their neighbors who vote Republican. The Democratic Party seems to be more in love with the Terrorist Scum, than 54% of American voters. SO, just because I voted Republican.......I am hated.
Durbin, Ted (the swimmer) Scary Harry (Reid), and the Screamer.(you probably can guess who the screamer is)

I don't give a hemmoroid off of a truck drivers ass for any of those scumbags' opionion of me, and I love the country they hate.

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