Tuesday, June 14, 2005
How was your day?
Did you like the news today?
Some days the news sucks. Today MJ, walked out of a California courtroom a free person. I will not call him a man. Men don’t sleep with other peoples young sons, when they are almost 50 years old.
I work with a giant of a man, his name is Mark, and he has escaped the ghetto he was born into by hard work and sweat. That is one of many reasons I admire him so much. He always has a perspective I want to hear when a prominent African-America is in the news. This afternoon I tried to start up a conversation with Mark about the MJ verdicts of not quilty, but it fizzled out when he told me something like this……. "Why ask me about Michelle, John? You should ask your wife…she is a white woman too, and about the same age as Michelle Jackson. White women always get off easy”, he said.
I really didn’t know which to do, laugh or debate. I chose laughter.
Here is my take on the whole sordid affair.

The media loves to show America in the worst of light possible. They have the spotlight, and can choose which news stories to highlight and spotlight. What the world thinks about us, is of no concern to them. They can inflame our enemies with lies about our treatment of the terrorist we catch, and think nothing of it. They also love to show the ugly side of America. The more perverted the more they spotlight the story. Bin Laden told us quite plainly that our perversion, immorality, immodesty and arrogance were some of the reasons he wants us ALL DEAD. I don’t see how the media can think they will escape the wrath of Islam if it wins the war on terror. They will probably be some of the first to be beheaded in America, along with their Hollywood millionaire friends.
News stories written or spoken, about the good things America does for the world are rare. It seems to me the journalists and reporters are afraid to mention the good things about America? It would seem that way to me. Or they have some hidden agenda.
No, good news doesn’t sell papers or TV ads, but if America goes down in the fight against terror, I would hate to be a surviving journalist or Hollywood jerk. People know how much they hurt our effort to fight terrorism worldwide. Yes there is blood on the hands of the Old Media. Lots of it. The surviving querillas fighting the Islamafacists will not have to hunt down the traitors, because the Islamafacists will do the job for them.

What must a father in Iran think about a man who tells the world he sleeps with 12 and 13 year old boys, and he is almost 50?

I had more to say, but I must go puke, I am sick of perverts getting the spotlight.

Michael Jackson Painting Reveals His Seduction Technique
In a ShieldsNet.Org world exclusive, we can reveal today that the prosecution in the Michael Jackson child molestation case intends to introduce into evidence at the trial a painting seized at Jackson Neverland Ranch. The painting (Days of Wine and Boys), which bares a striking resemblance to a famous Michelangelo painting, depicts Jackson dressed in a revealing toga, with fruit on his lap, fruit leaves in his hair, and a wine filled glass in his hand from an outstretched arm.


Anonymous Larrieknows said...

Is that true? Was that a real painting? Sorry I have so many questions. Kinda harsh on the old pervert weren't ya? Oh excuse me, I should call it a pediphile.

Anonymous Mark W Beech said...

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