Wednesday, June 29, 2005
A Heroes Welcome
Visit this website and send a message to those putting their life on the line for you.

Here is a copy of the first letter of support I sent to our brave men and women.

My American Brother or Sister in Arms,
Those who are in harms way,
Fighting for the freedoms I enjoy.

You will not be impugned,
Degraded or ridiculed in my presence.
If any traitor dares to speak of you with lying lips,
This 60 year old man will attempt to shut those lips up.
When you, our heroes finish this fight,
You will come home to the greatest celebration ever celebrated.
Your sacrifice is a treasure we hold dear to our hearts.
Forget the traitors, we'll take care of them here at home.
Be careful, and come back to the love of a country you love.


Blogger Kn@ppster said...

Hopefully, America has outgrown the whole "call them babykillers" mindset of Vietnam.

I know that as a Marine returning from the 1991 war, I was relieved to be treated with respect. And as someone who opposed, and opposes, the war in Iraq, I personally pledge to treat the troops with dignity and respect when they return as well. That they were abused in the service of lies is not their fault for standing up to defend America -- it's ours for letting Bush use them to do something entirely different.

Tom Knapp

Blogger web_loafer said...

It is most unforunate that the heroes of 'Nam were treated so disrespectfully. You all followed your commander in chiefs orders. Your view of the leadership of this ship of state is different from mine, but I respect your view.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me, too, Tom. I support the troops doing the job they signed up for but I wish we could stop our administration from continuing to send more and more to their deaths in a war based on lies.

This situation we are in did make me rethink a bit about how I feel regarding the ranks of military under Hitler...and this troubles me. They were just following orders...and now I see...they were...that's what they agreed to do in service to their nation. I know it's a lot different in ways...but's the same in some ways too. What do you think. Hope you stop back in time.

Blogger David R. Mark said...

What "traitors" are you talking about?

Blogger Whymrhymer said...

Great idea!

I wrote:

"Believe me when I tell you that there would be no bigger honor, for the vast majority of Americans, than to stand in line to shake your hand and say "Thank You for putting your life on the line for us." I count myself well at the front of that line.

"There are detractors; I hope you and all of the troops ignore them. They don't want your efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan to fail but they want to make the world think that your efforts are failing so they can make the world think our President is failing. None of it is true. What has been accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan -- what YOU have helped accomplish -- is unprecedented in history.

"Thank you -- fight hard, fight smart and remember that we ALL want you to come home as soon as possible!"


Also, for those who can afford to give a bit more, go to

Blogger web_loafer said...

David R.Mark.....Traitors? Who are they? The soldiers know. And I know who the traitors are. You probably have a good idea yourself.

When people liken our military intelligence gathering to the gassing of Millions in Hitler's Germany, when they compare our brave young warriors to the goons that tortured millions of Christians to death in Russia, they are traitors in my book. Your book may different a little, but I will stick with mine.

When people will not fight for the freedoms we have, or talk bad of those that volunteer to fight for all of us, in my mind they are traitors. It's plain and simple for me to see. We will take care of the biggest traitor by voting him back home to Illinois.

Do you want a longer list?

If you want a better look, sit down and watch Al Jeezera for an hour. You will see who they spotlight. The traitors of's there in plain sight....just look at America's enemies and who they champion on their hate America TV.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey...they/we are only following orders right? I don't fault OUR troops here...and I am starting to realize that maybe Hitler's troops were in the same sad situation. Oh GOD!
Help us.
Anonymous...heh heh

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