Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Had another one of those days......
I had one of those days where I started to have doubts concerning a decision I made a few days ago. Have you ever felt like you spoke too emotionally about something?
When Dickey Durban compared America's treatment of the terrorist's caught on the battlefield and transported to Camp the way Hitler treated Jews (He Killed Millions) or the way Stalin treated Christians (He Killed Millions), I lost it. You can read my earlier blog about it here, but it is only one of thousands of blogs written by patriotic Americans on the subject of Dickey Durbin's "I hate America speech". What concerns me now, is that Dickey Durbin apoligized today. It sounded real enough to me. BUT HIS wild and lying statements gave comfort to all those enemies who have sworn to KILL EVERY NON-MUSLIM AMERICAN........INFIDELS THEY CALL US.
Dickey Durbin gave comfort to the enemies of America. Because of his actions there will be bodies of young soldiers coming back to the country they loved, in body bags. Yes, it is true. I never want to hear this scumbag from Illinois saying that "too many soldiers are being killed on the battlefield against Terror, because I know the body count will rise, because of Dickey Durbins reckless behaviour. I said in my earlier blog, "I will not forgive him, even if he apoligizes"
Should I forgive him? I am standing here at Sanity's Bluff wondering, am I going soft, or nuts?


Blogger Ryan Franklin said...

Sure you can forgive him if you believe he is truly sorry for what he did. But that doesn't change the reality of what happened and the consequences of his remarks. He gave aid and comfort to the enemy, and that can't be taken back because he made an apology. I feel your pain brother, I feel your pain.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Yes it is painful to hear spoiled Americans talking bad about the best country in the world. In fact let me be really clear about this. I am living in a country that could have ruled the world. Yes we could have owned the world after WWII, but instead we decided to help all of the fallen countries back up.
Maybe that was our big mistake. We should have colonized the whole world, then the sniveling Europeans, and the Muslims wouldn't have the time to be nipping at our heels. They would be gathering straw and clay to make the bricks for our roads. I'm fed up with the people that hate such a good country....out of jealousy, envy or insanity. What would the world be like today if America had never been created?
Be honest.........
Thanks Ryan for your comment.

Blogger Lady Mary said...

The United States of America IS the best country in the world...and I will say and do whatever is necessary in my opinion to KEEP it that way. Had we "colonized" the world we would have been no better than any despotic nation. We did NOT..and we need NOT now.


Blogger Lady Mary said...

I admire Durbin...he said his piece...not what is politically "correct" in this climate in the US. That's what some of you radical rightists seem to forget...YOUR stance is the "majority" at the moment. Those of us who challenge you are the "minority"....has nothing to do with being right or wrong. We've seen horrendous wrongs done by the "majority" in our time. We are seeing some again.

I saw a sticker on a car today that said it so simply:

Bush lied.
Thousands died.

Lady Mary

Blogger Scott C. Smith said...

I wish conservatives who decide that someone is a "traitor" by remarks they have made actually understand the law regarding acts of treason. A speech attacking the United States is not giving aid or comfort to our enemy. I know the right-wing wishes it to be so. It's not. Do your homework and you'll discover that, in our nation's history, there have only been about 30 convictions for treason.

Also, insurgents in Iraq are going to carry out their attacks, whether or not they happen to have access to CNN.

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