Sunday, June 05, 2005
Guarding Freedom's Nest

If you constantly talk about America as if America is to blame for this and that in this world,
You Are Not Guarding Freedoms Nest.
If you constantly criticize the best efforts of our leaders,
You Are Not Guarding Freedoms Nest.
If you think only in terms of “What’s in it for me?”
You Are Not Guarding Freedoms Nest.
If you see someone without freedom and do nothing,
You Are Not Guarding Freedoms Nest.
If you see an American soldier, sailor or pilot, and don’t salute them in your heart,
You Are Not Guarding Freedoms Nest.

Real Freedom, like the world had never tasted before, was born in the nest of America. When the world saw what freedom can be, the world wanted the same. Many countries paid the price to obtain freedom, and they always knew America would help them, even to the spilling of blood, to defeat those that hate freedom.

So, yes, I am proud of America, and proud of America’s friends in this world.

Don’t let the Traitors and Bigots convince you that America is Evil, or its leaders all liars and corrupt. When those traitors suggest that America could learn something about freedom from France and Germany, I laugh. The little those two countries know about freedom, they learned from the victorious soldiers from Great Britain, Canada, Australia, America and other allied nations, that liberated their countries from tyranny. I have noticed very little gratitude from those two countries and really don’t think we should ever help them again, if they throw away their freedom. Not sour grapes……..Just Guarding Freedoms Nest, in word and deed


Anonymous Jes said...

This is good...and being that tomorrow is the anniversary of D-Day...It has special meaning. All the lives lost that day, and what were they doing? guarding freedoms nest !!

Anonymous webloafer said...

I am amazed at the obviouse avoidance of D Day. I know many world leaders make blurb statements, but where is the media in all of this. As usual, missing, probably down in Cuba, trying to elevate the terrorists at Gitmo to Sainthood, at the Church of the Media

Anonymous dawn said...

thank you

Blogger Lady Mary said...

So we should guard AMERICAN freedom...but damn those french and germans if their freedom is in disagreement with American leadership views...and damn those citizens who disagree with "my" idea of freedom...which appears to be free to me like...ME.

Your logic is loopy here...

Blogger Lady Mary said... comments? No rebuttal? Lame.............

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