Thursday, June 02, 2005
Boycott's: Do They Work?
Clementine’s, Bottled Water and Pickup Trucks

Some subjects are hard to talk about, and wise men or women avoid discussing them at all. Well let me tackle one difficult subject, since I feel brave this evening.


Allow me to be silly, and then very serious. Hey, I can handle it in the same blog.

I have never been a fan of boycotts, and see no merit to them. They hardly ever work.

When a companies public stance on an issue, aggravates me, I don’t stomp my feet and swear that “none of my hard earned money will be spent on that product.” No I just rely on that little voice inside me to guide me while shopping.

Not too long ago, I was shopping for groceries, and the next item on my shopping list was, bottled water.

I stopped at the display of my favorite bottled water, Perrier, and a strange thing happened. As I was reaching for the odd shaped green bottle, a voice inside me whispered, “ Jacques Chirac’ drinks this water too.” My hand stopped and a panic washed over me.

If I drink this water, I may become a worm. A self-loving, egomaniacal, bloated, perverted, cowardly, back-stabbing, not to be trusted thief and liar.

Then my eyes fell upon a display of Ozarka bottled water, drawn from the deep wells of Texas, in the USA.

I reached for the bottle of Ozarka Bottled Water, and a voice inside me whispered, “George Walker Bush drinks this water.

I bought several cases of that water. If drinking this water could make me as dumb as G.W. and as much a cowboy, I’m in for it.

Boycotts are not effective, but that little voice that whispers inside you, is effective.

Earlier this winter while shopping for produce, I could not resist the lure of those delicious little Clementine’s from Spain. I love those small but sweet citrus fruits, so when I noticed they were on sale, I reached for a crate of them. Before my hand reached the crate, that pesky little voice inside me whispered, “The Spaniard’s eat these too”

Once again panic washed over me, “If I eat these Clementine’s, I might become as cowardly, untrustworthy, and spineless, as the Spaniards.” I might turn out to be one that cuts and runs, before a tough job is done, and leave others to do what I said I would do.

Well this stopped my hand, and at that very moment out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign that said, “California Clementine’s will arrive next week.” A week is not too long to wait.

Yes, our subconscious is a powerful tool, so do we really need boycotts? No!

Now to the serious side of boycott’s.

I have been a dues paying Teamster for over twenty years. I have paid thousands and thousands of dollars into the coffers of my local and national Teamster Union. I don’t agree with the hierarchy of the Union, and how they use my dues to enrich the coffers of liberal politicians.
But, I don’t have much of a choice or say in how my dues are spent. Every candidate that the Teamsters have helped in the last twenty years, have been candidates I would never vote for. In plain English, other than being pro-union the candidates receiving Teamster money have nothing in common with my morals or views. Again I want to emphasize, The union gives me no CHOICE in how my money is spent in the political world. AMAZING, choice is demanded in every realm of these people’s world, but no choice in this matter. Sort of kin to, “taxed without representation.” I can hold my nose and keep paying dues, but I don’t like it.

Here is a link to a web news item that I guarantee will make a majority of you angry. I imagine a good portion of those who will be angry, will want to boycott the products being sold by this group. Many of you will want to boycott the companies that sell cars made by members of this Anti-American Marine Union. that hates America’s fighting men and women so.

I just happen to be in the market for a new pickup truck this fall, and I can hear that little voice telling me. “A Toyota Tundra is a very good truck.”

This is in no way a slap at the many union workers of the Automobile and Truck Industry. I have for years supported the “Buy American First” idea.

But until the automobile workers of America clean up their Union, I will look for a truck elsewhere. It is not a boycott; it is only that small voice saying “If you buy that pickup, you may become bigoted and stupid like the leadership of the UAW. No thanks. For the record, any one of our countries fighting men and women are welcome to park their car, truck or even their tank, in my driveway, yard or even my garden, if it takes that much room.


Blogger Lady Mary said...

Glad readership is you, good man.

Anonymous jessisup said...

Lady Mary, How do you get a photo (I assume it is your photo) into your posted comments. If you can, would you tell me, or give me a link to where you learned how?

Blogger Lady Mary said...

Hello jessisup,
Actually, when I registered for my own blog and put in my profile, my picture started appearing in my comments as well. I don't know why! LOL.

Lady Mary

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