Thursday, June 02, 2005
Ten Commandments; Good or Bad????

I find it ironic that the ACLU is trying to outlaw or ban some of the most revered American Liberties we now have. Yes, even while pretending to care about your civil liberties, the ACLU is trying to take liberties away from you? If this country ends up becoming what the ACLU wants it to become, you will have very few liberties.
You will no longer have the liberty to ask God to bless the food you are about to eat at a McDonald’s, (and you know McDonald's is where prayer is really needed) or any public place.. You can always pray silently, but the time honored prayer lead by one person for the whole group, will be banned.
You will no longer have the liberty to hand someone a pamphlet about your beliefs concerning God, Allah, or Buddha.
The mention of God will be sandblasted from all public buildings, including Lincoln’s monument in Washington D.C.
It will be necessary to sandblast all of the stone murals of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, from the Supreme Court Building.
You will not have the liberty to display a nativity scene anywhere.
There will be no mention of God in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Crosses will have to be removed from any church exterior.
In God We Trust will be removed from all of our countries currency.
You and I both know the ACLU is secretly working to do away with the tax exempt status of all religious organizations.
Congress will be forced to abolish the tax deductions for tithes and offerings you make to your Church.
Congress will stop opening it’s sessions with prayer.
All Gideon’s Bibles will be removed from motels and hotels.
Swearing and taking the Lord God’s name in vain, will be allowed, but you will not have the liberty to publicly utter the words“ Praise the Lord” or “Praise Allah”.
If you think I am exaggerating, do a little research, you’ll see the pattern; The ACLU wants God Killed. Remember the jokers who had “God is Dead” bumper stickers on their VW minibuses back in the 1960’s? A lot of those dope smoking hippies are lawyers for the ACLU now. Some of them are now members of Congress, or sitting on the benches of our courts. Their hatred of God has driven them to excel and grab the power from 'we the citizens', so they can force Their religion on everyone. Their religion is the religion Godlessness.
Today the battle cry for the ACLU is "KILL GOD"!
I am not a betting person, but I would bet money on the outcome of this battle. Which side do you want to be successful in this battle? God or the ACLU?
Yes, the ACLU is busy, are you? Will you help God in this battle?
God really doesn’t require our help in this matter, but I am sure God knows who would go to battle with Him against the ACLU.
I want you to consider one of the battles going on at this time, in Courts. The Ten Commandments are under assault, and all I want you to do is READ THEM AND TELL ME WHICH ONE IS EVIL? WHICH ONE IS DANGEROUS? WHICH ONE IS WORTHY OF BEING BANNED FROM PUBLIC VISION?
I know some of you abhor the commandments that commands us to Love God, and have no other God’s before the true God. This is where the heat of the battle is raging.
If I believe in God, and follow God’s advice, BUT am completely wrong, have I harmed myself or anyone else?
Conversely, If you want to ban God, or Kill God, and laugh at His Commandments, what will happen if you are wrong?
Look at the commandments and tell me which one you think is bad?


Blogger Lady Mary said...

Oh stop are going overboard....

Blogger Lady Mary said...

Go ahead...delete me. You are getting good at that....LOL!

Blogger web_loafer said...

I am going overboard? I am only one concerned person Mary....there are millions like me that want to say something like I do, but won't.

I only deleted language and thoughts that don't belong at my blog. Seriously the viewing is going up, and I am not going overboard. I spend my spare time after working 11 1/2 hours like I wish.

I wish I could please everyone all the time, but I can't.

And anyhow, I know if I really did fall overboard, and you were around, you would throw me a line.

Blogger Lady Mary said...

So it was me that "went off on you"....? Sorry.

Um....yes, spend your time however you please, friend! I am!
Lady Mary


The way we define 'human' determines our view of self,
others, relationships, institutions, life, and future.
Important? Only the Creator who made us in His own image
is qualified to define us accurately. Choose wisely...
there are results.

Human is earth's Choicemaker. Psalm 25:12 He is by nature
and nature's God a creature of Choice - and of Criteria.
Psalm 119:30,173 His unique and definitive characteristic
is, and of Right ought to be, the natural foundation of his
environments, institutions, and respectful relations to his
fellow-man. Thus, he is oriented to a Freedom whose roots
are in the Order of the universe.

...otherwise known as the American way of life. Tickets to elsewhere are available...

Blogger web_loafer said...

I am still pondering the deep thoughts you presented in such a short reply.

As to being made in the image of God. Is it the image God has of us?
Or the Image we have of God?
I think of God as all the things I am not, yet I desire to please him. He created my spirit, that I know, but I take that spirit and add human traits, and the result is the spoiling of the beautiful creation God created. But, I strive to obtain more likeness to God's Son, Jesus Christ. I am so frail by myself.

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